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Other Business Activities


Universal Trade Commodities (BVI) Ltd, provides a market service to supply energy related commodities to established industrial, international and domestic distribution networks within South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.

We provide a supply management service to clients looking to establish new supply chains as well as service established clients looking to expand and provide new services to their existing base.

In order to aid our client's existing and future market growth which supports their existing and ongoing business models. Universal Trade Commodities (BVI) Ltd, provides a number of value added services which continuously support our Client's with their present and ongoing future plans for developing their business strategies.

+ Logistics and management support to co-ordinate with existing and expanding supply, distribution & storage solutions (On-Shore and Off-Shore - “F.S.O.”).

+ Banking, Financial and logistical support to enable its client's to rapidly expand and increase their capacity of their On-Shore Bulk Storage facilities to store their products to ensure continuing supplies are available for their off-take customer's.


Support Online

(+61) 418 811 170(Australia)
(+1) - 718-713-2548 (U.S.A)