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Business Protocol

Universal Trade Commodities (BVI) Ltd (incorporated & Registered in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), ensure that all times we follow "International Chamber of Commerce" ("ICC") guidelines in performing our day to day international trading business activities.

Attached to the drop down section of this link, are the "International Selling Procedures" and "International Buying Procedures", which "UTC-AUS" use with our prospective Client's and Refinery Supplier Partner's, in order that a strict Business Protocol is administered for ease of each transaction.

By doing this also, "UTC-AUS" establish a Full Disclosure and Transparent intended Business Transaction with our prospective partner's whether "UTC-AUS" are Selling or Buying its Commodities around the Globe.

In each and every case, dependant on the Refinery Supplier or Client/Buyer that "UTC-AUS" are endeavouring to engage in business with, there will always be variables to be considered by the intended Contracting Parties.

With respect to the Payment Trading Term's proposes by both sides, Security Instrument types which are requested from the Refinery Supplier from "UTC-AUS", or in turn, offered by the Client/Buyer to "UTC-AUS", via their respective Banking institution's. 

With this said, "UTC-AUS" will endeavour to work closely with our Refinery Suppliers and Client/Buyer and their respective Banks to ensure the best possible financial structured deal is acceptable to all parties concerned in order to accommodate all parties requirement's.



Support Online

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