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CI-Dip & Pay Trial Shipment and Term Contract

UTC-AUS' Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment
Procedures of Business
Spot/Trial Shipment @ FOB Rotterdam and Term Contract @ CIF Rotterdam or ASWP
As Per Incoterms 2010 (With Latest Amendment's)

1. Buyer issues UTC-AUS with an E'Mail confirming acceptance to the proposed Pricing, Terms, Conditions and Procedures of Business.

2. UTC-AUS issues Buyer a Commercial Invoice along with Full Product Co-Ordinates.
(Consisting of but not limited to #Refinery, Tank Farm, Pipeline Injection Company, Q&Q Inspection 
Company etc).

3. Buyer signs, seals, dates & returns (CI) to UTC-AUS along with copy of verifiable Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) and Authority to Verify (ATV).

4. Once the (CI) is received from the Buyer, UTC-AUS is to issue the Buyer with the following PPOP document's:-

i. Pre-Injection Receipt/Report,
ii. Storage Reservoir Receipt,
iii. Dip Test Report and Certificate of Conformity.

5.  Upon the receipt & verification of the above PPOP documents, the Buyer provides UTC-AUS, their verifiable Tank Storage Receipt (TSR), Authority to Inject (ATI) of their rented Shore tank at the Loading port to UTC-AUS' Refinery Supplier
 with the injection permit. The Buyers Tank Storage Facilities must be suitable and accepted by the UTC-AUS' Refinery Supplier, in order to inject the product, and UTC-AUS will give written approval to the Buyer regarding the appointed tank.

6. After the receipt of the Buyer’s (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”) rented Shore tank details & injection permit, UTC-AUS' Refinery Supplier will immediately commence the transportation and injection of the fuel to the Buyer’s (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”) shore tank and issue to the Buyer (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”), an Act of Transfer to fill, sign and return back to UTC-AUS with Letter of acceptance. 

7. Buyer (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”) signs Act of Title Transfer and returns the same to UTC-AUS with letter of acceptance.

8. UTC-AUS issues the Buyer with a Dip Test Authorization (DTA) to enable Buyer (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”) to Dip Test the product.

9. Upon the Buyer’s acceptance of the (SGS) (Or Equivalent)
 inspection Report, along with the full Proof of Product (POP) to the Buyer. The Buyer makes the full payment to UTC-AUS' nominated Bank Account, for the total quantity Via MT103 / Wire Funds Transfer, as per the Commercial Invoice.

10. UTC-AUS confirms payment and submits to Buyer (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”), Title of Ownership and the Buyer (“And / Or Their Nominees / Assign’s”) assumes Title and Owns the Fuel.

11. UTC-AUS shall issue a (12) Month Contract (SPA) to the Buyer, immediately after the complete execution of the Trial shipment.

NOTE:- Guarantee of Performance of Supplier:-
Should the Buyer's (SGS) (or equivalent) company complete inspection of the product Q&Q and the product Q&Q does not correspond to the agreed specification in the contract then buyer have the right to reject the product by presenting a writing letter to Seller and Buyers appointed Tank Farm company, while UTC-AUS' company will immediately refund back Buyers payment for Tank fee back to Buyers appointed account before Buyers appointed Tank farm company can release the product to UTC-AUS and UTC-AUS will take over the tank cost henceforth till the product is sold out.


Should Buyer’s (SGS) company complete inspection of the product Q&Q and the product Q&Q corresponds to the agreed specification in the contract and then the Buyer fails to perform, the Buyer will forfeit the payment for tank fee and then Buyer will pay extra 10 Days Tank fees extension to its appointed tank farm as penalty charges which will be enough for UTC-AUS to sell the product to another Buyer.


**NOTE:- Should you agree to proceed to engage with our Company under the above-mentioned proposed "Indicative" Terms, Conditions and Procedures of Business (Note:- Subject to periodical change from time to time). Please forward the following information shown below by using the "Contact Us" link, or by return E'mail to either or both E'Mail's as follows:- "amescarnegie.utc@gmail.com" / "amescarnegie@utc-aus.com".
> Corporate Profile, Letter of Intent, Full Contact Co-Ordinates of the Authorised Signatory who will execute under Corporate Seal, the Commercial Invoice, Product required, Quantity of Spot/Trial Shipment, Quantity of Term Contract, Nominated Bank to issue MT103 / Wire Funds Transfer Payments and SBLC / IDLC to be issued for the Term Contract.

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