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Universal Trade Commodities (BVI) Ltd, Incorporated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, are an energetic and progressive International Trader and Supplier of all Liquefied Petroleum products throughout the Asian, Australian, Russian and U.S.A. regions.

Our clients have developed faith in our offered product range owing to their aggressive  buying nature and high quality of the products we are able to supply on a regular uninterrupted basis. We are blessed with a team of experienced engineers and quality controllers that check the quality of the products before their final Loading Port and again at Discharge Port.

All Liquefied Petroleum products offered by "UTC-AUS", are in constant high demand by our client's, due to their consistent "Purity and Optimal Quality".

"UTC-AUS" are able to supply all types of Liquefied Petroleum products Globally at competitive International Market Prices, which provides our client's the edge in their current market. 


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A lubricant oil is a product consisting of a base oil, generally derived from petroleum, and some additives (compounds added to the base oils, normally in small quantities, to give a finished lubricating oil with the desired quality for the type of application wanted).


Lubricants reduce friction between two surfaces in contact and moving relative to each other, as well as carrying out other vital functions for the operation of machinery:

Sealing, Refrigerating, Protecting, Cleaning.


 The most important additives, in terms of their functions, are:

  1. Anti-oxidants.
  2. Anti-rust agents.
  3. Detergents.
  4. Dispersants.
  5. Viscosity index improvers.
  6. Anti-wear agents.
  7. Pour point depressants.

The most important physical and chemical characteristics of finished lubricants are:

  1. Colour.
  2. Viscosity.
  3. Viscosity index.
  4. Density.
  5. Flash point.
  6. Combustion point.
  7. Pour Point ºC
  8. Extreme pressure.
  9. Aeroemulsion.
  10. Demulsification.
  11. TBN.

The quality and performance of lubricants is determined by the quality of the bases used, the improvements given by additives used and the physical and chemical characteristics of the finished lubricant.

Our products are highly demanded by our clients for their quality and are supplied by the most reputable lubricant manufactures. Our products is available at market leading prices.

Product range:

+ Automotive lubricants

+ Industry lubricants

+ Marine lubricants



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